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News — Wild Birds

Mountain bluebird

The World of Cavity-Nesting Birds

From woodpeckers to wrens, cavity-nesting birds can be interesting finds for backyard birdwatchers. Learn about these birds, which choose to nest in holes and crevices instead of building nests from twigs and scraps.

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Acorn woodpecker

How Are Birds Named?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite birds got their names? Learn the various reasons that birds earn their titles, including geography, appearance and behavior.

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Dark-eyed junco

Can Birds Smell? These Four Can!

Research has shown that some birds do have a sense of smell. Discover which birds take advantage of their sense of smell for navigation, finding food, and more.

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All About Nyjer

All About Nyjer

Nyjer seed is a popular food for feeding birds, specifically finches. Learn how to offer nyjer, the seed's history, and what other birds it might attract to your feeders.

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Man filling bird feeder using a yellow bowl

3 Better Ways to Fill Your Bird Feeder

Birds are known to make a mess when chowing down, but filling up the feeders doesn’t have to be a debacle. Keep the chaos out of filling your feeder by using one of these super easy solutions. All three of these items can simplify the task of refilling feeders –... Read More

birds perched at glass bird feeder

What Makes a Good Bird Feeder?

Not sure what to look for in a bird feeder? We'll help you make the right choice. Learn about everything from feeder capacity, to durability, and types of birds.

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Blue Droll Yankees bird feeder

The Role of Color in Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

According to researchers, there are certain colors that can attract more birds to your bird feeders and bird houses. While it may not be the most important consideration for attracting birds, there is something to it!

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