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Scarlet tanager

Tips and Tricks to Identify a Bird

Have you ever struggled to identify a bird you've spotted? Discover a few simple tips and tricks that will make bird identification easier for any birdwatcher.

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tufted titmouse

How to Attract Titmice

Titmice are delightful small birds that frequently visit backyard bird feeders. However, they can be shy, so it can be a challenge to initially attract them. Learn the best tactics for inviting these endearing birds to your feeders.

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Cerulean Warbler

Attracting Warblers to Your Backyard

Warblers are many peoples' favorites, but they can be tougher to attract than other birds. Dive into these helpful tips for bringing flocks of these birds to your yard or garden.

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violet-green swallows

Climate Change is a Bird Emergency

Scientists have noted alarming trends related to climate change's effects on migratory birds, from mass starvation to increasing frequency of window strikes. Discover what you can do to help wild birds impacted by climate change.

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Mountain bluebird

The World of Cavity-Nesting Birds

From woodpeckers to wrens, cavity-nesting birds can be interesting finds for backyard birdwatchers. Learn about these birds, which choose to nest in holes and crevices instead of building nests from twigs and scraps.

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Acorn woodpecker

How Are Birds Named?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite birds got their names? Learn the various reasons that birds earn their titles, including geography, appearance and behavior.

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More Birds 3-in-1 Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Nectar: Buy It or Make It?

Hummingbird nectar can be made at home or purchased as powders, concentrates and ready-to-use nectar. Not sure if you should buy it or mix it yourself? We're here to help.

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