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Capacity1.6 lb.
Dimensions18.75"h x 5.5"w x 5.5"d
ConstructionSteel & PVC
Made InChina
Additional Information

Cleaning: Dirty bird feeders spread disease. We recommend cleaning your feeders weekly, or monthly at a minimum. Do not put your feeder in the dishwasher as the high temperatures can permanently damage the feeder parts. Clean your feeders outdoors with a large bucket, and always wear gloves when cleaning. Soak your feeder in a 9:1 solution of water and bleach for 15 minutes. Then use a bird feeder brush to scrub the feeder with dish soap and water. Refill when completely dry.

Birds That Use This Feeder

Type Of Feed

  • Foodtype mixed seed
    Mixed seed
  • Foodtype sunflower
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    Kimerle V.
    United States United States

    Really beautiful feeder

    I love my new sunflower tube feeder and the little finches, chickadees, tufted titmice love it too. It is the right size for the smaller birds to eat in peace. I have it on a pole feeder with a baffle to keep the squirrels away.

    Fred R.
    United States United States

    [Good for small birds

    I like the feeder because sometimes I get black birds in my yard and they can't get in this feeder. I love my little birds and they are fun to watch.

    Elizabeth S.
    United States United States

    More Birds for the $

    This is a simple, easy to fill feeder and the birds LOVE IT! I put finch mixed seed in it and am getting many different types of birds. The metal parts are not as heavy duty as some name brands but the price isn't a deal breaker either.

    Kent S.
    United States United States

    Birds love it, hard to clean.

    The birds ate from it right away and seem to love it! The only thing is it’s harder to clean than other tube style feeders out there. Other than that it does the trick!


    More Birds

    Hi Kent, We're glad to hear that the birds are enjoying your new bird feeder! We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulties cleaning your feeder. You may want to try our Bird Feeder Brush for cleaning tube feeders like these: We hope this information helps!

    Gary L.
    United States United States

    This is great for small birds and is relatively squirrel proof

    If the perches were longer larger birds would be able to use. I have videos of use but no place to attach to review. About half the seed is spilled on ground and attracts rats and squirrels. If the base were wider and curved up or had edge the seed would be caught for birds. If that wider base moved like your squirrel-spinning Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder but was solid it would be great.

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    More Birds

    Hi Gary, Thank you for taking the time to offer your suggestions. We are always looking for ways to improve the birding experience for backyard birds and backyard birders, and the ideas and suggestions of innovative, thinking people are always welcome. There are many reasons that rats might be attracted to your feeder area. The Wild Bird Feeding Industry’s network of scientists figured out that seeds alone (and any dry material) cannot attract rats if rats are not currently in the neighborhood. If there are rats in the area, they are there for another food source. There are ways to discourage rats from invading your feeder area. I like to get my information from this article: Keep the area clean and try to keep excess seed from the ground beneath the feeder by regularly raking the area around the feeder and by using a catch tray below the feeder to catch spilled seed before it hits the ground. Ensure that your feeders are 4-5 feet above ground, so as to make it harder for rats to access the seed. If the rats are extremely active, I would even recommend bringing in your feeders inside at night. Make sure to use bird seed that birds actually like and that doesn’t leave residue, since uneaten seed could become a food source for the rats, and always store extra supplies of bird seed in a rodent-proof container. Also, remove unnecessary sources of standing water in your immediate area. We hope this information helps!