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Capacity20 oz.
Number of Ports5
Dimensions10"h x 8"w x 8"d
ConstructionGlass & plastic
Made InChina
Additional Information

Cleaning: Please! For the sake of the birds, keep your feeder clean! Dirty feeders spread disease. We recommend disinfecting your nectar feeders every three to five days, or more frequently if you notice your nectar has become cloudy. Soak all parts in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Use a bird feeder brush to brush away grime inside the feeder.

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    Michael E.
    United States United States
    Love the size of this feeder

    We get alot of hummingbirds here and it's difficult to keep the feeders full. This feeder holds alot of juice. The feeder tubes are soft and flexible and it's easy to clean and assemble. I would highly recommend.

    More Birds

    Hi Michael, Thank you for your review of the More Birds Bird Health+ Garnet Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat. We are delighted to know this feeder helps feed all of your amazing hummingbirds! The larger capacity is a great feature for customers like you with lots of birds! We appreciate your recommendation! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1-800-352-9164. Thank you for flying with our flock!

    Dee A.
    United States United States
    Best by far!

    I routinely buy approximately 100 pounds of sugar a year for my birds, this feeder is the easiest to clean comes with its own ant cup and provides the correct angle for the birds to sit in feed with ease at peace. Every afternoon every port is filled with a sweet little ruby throated hummingbird they are a true joy .

    More Birds

    Hi Dee, and thank you for your review of the More Birds Bird Health+ Garnet Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat. Now that is a lot of sugar! Your hummingbirds are lucky to have you! We are delighted to see your overall satisfaction with this feeder and we hope you can enjoy this hobby all summer long! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1-800-352-9164. Thank you for flying with our flock!

    Sharron P.
    United States United States
    Jewels to attract Natures Jewels

    The quality of the feeders was great. The way the feeders are built make them easy to fill and to keep clean. Definitely enjoyed by the local flying gems.

    United States United States
    I love these feeders but...

    I have several of your "More Birds" plastic, ruby-red hummingbird feeders but I'm finding in the newer ones that the liquid pours out from where the red piece, that holds the flowers, attaches to the clear tray. So clearly there is not a tight fit. In the past I used to buy the copper metal feeders until one really, cold day, I noticed that a hummingbird landed on the perch and when it tried to fly away, for a brief moment, its feet stuck to the perch. I temporarily solved the problem by applying a very thin film of Vaseline around the entire perch. I was hoping this did not hurt the hummingbird but in the same sense I did not want its little feet sticking to the feeder. I no longer buy this type of feeder and have been only buying the plastic ruby-colored feeders. But, bottom line I will continue to buy these feeders!

    More Birds

    Hi Sandi, Thank you for your review of the More Birds Garnet Hummingbird Feeder with Glass Bottle and Built-In Ant Moat. We appreciate your loyalty as our customer and for your valuable feedback. Depending on how long you have had the feeder for, and if it has been out in direct sunlight most of the time, the plastic over time can crack or become compromised. If your feeder was purchased in the last 90 days, we would be happy to replace it for you, one time free of charge. Typically a feeder does leak a little bit when filling the feeder, and if the feeder basin is filled higher than the halfway point. However, if you are noticing leaking coming from the seam where the basin bottom attaches to the basin top, you will want to make sure that those two pieces are lining up exactly to create the tightest seal. Sometimes dried nectar that is not completely washed off can get in the way of a tight seal. There’s a special place in our hearts for wild birds and the people who feed them, and we truly empathize with your concern about the birds' feet sticking to a cold metal feeder perch. We are here to reassure you that your feeder is completely safe for the birds. If we humans were to put our exposed feet on a metal surface in the freezing outdoors, we would probably get stuck to the metal—a very dangerous and painful situation indeed. It’s totally understandable to think that the birds’ exposed feet would cause similar results, but there’s actually some interesting science behind why birds are completely safe. Birds’ feet are not like ours. They don't have sweat glands, and no sweat glands means no moisture to freeze to the metal on your birdfeeder. We’re all familiar with the classic scenario of getting your tongue frozen to a flag pole, and it seems like a logical jump to assume that birds’ feet would have a similar sort of reaction to cold metal. However, according to the Audubon Society, “the only way a bird’s feet would stick is if they were standing on a perch during freezing rain and the rain froze around their feet” ( ). That is a very rare and specific occurrence that has a simple remedy—pour some cool or lukewarm water on the birds’ feet to thaw the ice and they will fly away. The lower extremities of our favorite backyard guests are primarily made up of “bone, sinew, and scale,” according to BirdNote ( ). They have an impressive web of arteries that continually warm the cold blood from their feet before it reaches the heart, thereby keeping their feet warm enough and not shocking the rest of the body as blood from the feet recirculates. This system is called the rete mirabile (Latin for “miraculous net”). It’s a fascinating avian adaptation that makes backyard birds truly marvelous. So when putting your metal bird feeders out in the cold weather, you can rest assured of the well-being of your feathered friends’ feet. Just keep those feeders full and the birds will handle the rest. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-352-9164 and any one of our Customer Service Reps will be happy to assist you. Thank you for flying with our flock!

    United States United States
    One of the best feeders out there.

    I have purchased several of these feeders over the years. We used them for summer and fall to feed our popular of hummingbirds since the hold a good amount of nectar. For spring ,we use the big gulp feeders as we feed hundreds of birds during migration. They are super easy to clean and maintain, which is extremely important for anyone who wants to feed hummingbirds. Our birds seem to prefer these feeders over other brands.