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Capacity1.6 lb.
Dimensions13.3"h x 7.5"w x 7.5"d
ConstructionGlass & steel
Made InChina



Additional Information

Cleaning: Dirty bird feeders spread disease. We recommend cleaning your feeders weekly, or monthly at a minimum. Do not put your feeder in the dishwasher as the high temperatures can permanently damage the feeder parts. Clean your feeders outdoors with a large bucket, and always wear gloves when cleaning. Soak your feeder in a 9:1 solution of water and bleach for 15 minutes. Then use a bird feeder brush to scrub the feeder with dish soap and water. Refill when completely dry.

Birds That Use This Feeder

Type Of Feed

  • Foodtype mixed seed
    Mixed seed
  • Foodtype nyjer thistle
  • Foodtype sunflower
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    Julie K.
    United States United States

    Nice feeder for small birds

    This is a beautiful feeder that's very easy to fill and clean. We hung the feeder next to three other feeders: one mixed seed, one suet and one peanuts. It took a while for the birds to show interest, but eventually the smaller birds starting eating there. We've seen house finches, titmice, and sparrows. Overall, it's a nice feeder that we'll keep in a prominent location.

    Lyell W.
    United States United States

    Classic look and design

    This feeder has a classic look and is well built. It can easily be taken apart and cleaned. Plus my birds love it. Within hours of me putting it up. Cardinals, Chickadees, House Finches, and White Wing Dove visited it. I believe this feeder will be a hub of bird activity for years to come!

    Tom T.
    United States United States

    Lincoln Glass Feeder

    The feeder was packaged expertly. It was well protected from breakage. I have it setup with some other feeders and the birds are starting to take to it. It is very nice looking with the light green glass and the bronze finish.

    More Birds More Birds® Lincoln Decorative Glass Combination Sunflower/Thistle Bird Feeder, 1.6 lb. capacity Review
    Julia M.
    United States United States

    Lovely Bird Feeder

    Pretty and durable bird feeder, and easy to use. I’ve been using black sunflower seeds so far and it works perfectly. Recently we’ve experienced bouts of strong wind where we live and this feeder has held up through all of this. Would highly recommend.

    Ryan V.
    United States United States

    Looks gorgeous. I like it - do the birds?

    This looks lovely hanging up in my tree. The finches are skeptical right now - haven’t seen too many up to this point (it’s been up for 10 days). I really like the insert that allows you to feed both larger and smaller seed. Currently using the insert for small seed.

    More Birds More Birds® Lincoln Decorative Glass Combination Sunflower/Thistle Bird Feeder, 1.6 lb. capacity Review

    More Birds

    Hi Ryan, We are very sorry that you are not seeing many birds on your new feeder. Birds are creatures of habit, and it can take them days or even weeks to use a new feeder. There is something new in the yard that they are not used to, and they need to warm up to it first. Temporarily placing the feeder near a shrub or tree where birds will feel safe can also encourage them to explore the new feeder (once they've discovered it, place it far enough away from a tree so that the squirrels won't get to it). Adding something like a colorful ribbon can also help, as the movement in the wind can make the birds feel like another bird has found the feeder to be safe. We would suggest temporarily removing other feeders in the area so that the birds must use the new one. Oddly enough, filling the feeder half-full seems to help attract the birds to the new feeder. We hope that the birds begin to use the feeder soon!