Additional Information

Bee House Setup

  • Select a location that faces S to SE. Morning sun is optimal to warm the bees so they can begin to fly. Provide afternoon shade in hot locations that are consistently above 90℉.
  • Install bee house on a sturdy wall or fence, at eye level for easy observation of bee activity, and at least 5 ft. from the ground to protect from pests and predators.
  • Locate the house within 300 ft. of your flowers.
  • Position your bee house away from bird feeders and birdhouses.
  • The keyhole back makes installation easy--just hang the bee house on a screw or nail.
  • In the fall or winter, uninstall the bee house for storage. This will improve the longevity of the house.

Bee House Tips

  • It may take longer than a year for wild cavity-nesting bees to find your bee house and move in. To increase pollination in your garden this spring, purchase mason bees for your house.
  • A bee-friendly garden is free of lawn and garden chemicals. Chemical scents can deter bees from nesting in your yard.
  • To get started, visit Crown Bees for healthy bee cocoons and accessories to attract, protect and store your bees.

Cleaning Your Bee House

Bees prefer clean nests! Simply use a stiff bristle brush to remove remaining debris from the trays. Reassemble nesting trays by aligning the side notches, ensuring that the nesting holes are snug and there are no gaps. Store over winter with cardboard backing, foam and rubber bands attached to trays.

Instruction Manual
Dimensions7.7"h x 8.25"w x 7.8"d
Made InChina